One Common Denominator No Excuses


No Excuses

As an aspiring entrepreneur I am always curious about what goes on inside other entrepreneurs and business owners minds. I needed some solid research to get a better grasp of what makes successful entrepreneurs stay motivated/productive. I went to interview some local and successful business owners who started with nothing and as a result ended up on top. One┬áthing the CEO’s shared in common was the ability to execute a task. No matter what the task was, the CEO’s got the job done. There were no excuses holding them back:

  • I’m too tired, I just got off work
  • I’ll do it later
  • I don’t have the time
  • I just don’t feel like it

No excuses

I’m sure you’ve used these same excuses or maybe you have your “go to” excuse. For the thriving CEO’s these excuses just weren’t part of their mental vocabulary. CEO’s seemed to not care about what they had to do as long as it was getting them closer to the end goal. To me this is game changing, I just needed to learn how to change my mind from thinking excuses to creating solutions. I started to challenge myself to complete one task per day on my monthly goal list. I was finally able to overcome the bad habits and build momentum.

End Result

Ever since I implemented the challenge, my mindset has been more positive and I’ve been a lot more productive. I challenge you to write down a goal that’s roughly one month long, complete one task per day no matter how you’re feeling, remember no excuses! Make sure the task is relevant with your monthly goal and continue to work your plan. After reaching your monthly goal either set a new goal or keep building onto your current goals. Try this simple, productivity hack and in addition email me your results!

No excuses

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