Start Your Success Story with Self Awareness


A major step in making a positive change in your life is developing your Self Awareness. Along the way you will have the urge to try and fix everything going wrong at once. Save yourself a big headache and invest in Self Awareness! I used to waste soo much of my time trying to fix all my problems. Spending all my energy back and forth would kill my motivation. I wouldn’t get anything done and run out of motivation and be back to square one. (Talk about a confidence killer) I kept going even if I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Start Chipping Away

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I was running into a guilt trip and this resulted in making me push my goals back even further. As I continued down this dead end road I started to develop a better sense of Self Awareness. It opened my eyes to the real problem behind why I wasn’t getting any results in exchange for all the hard work I was doing. I was focused on fixing too many things at once. After I realised this it became clear I should focus my energy on fighting distractions and completing one task. I started to cut out one distraction at a time. Months passed and my small changes were making a difference!

Envision with your Self Awareness

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I was gaining Momentum which is a very powerful and important thing to take advantage of when you have it, we’ll dig more into that later. The most important thing was the results! So where did it all start? I’m glad you asked, it all started when I understood where I was spending my time and then started cutting out all the distractions. So start evaluating your free time and build your Self Awareness!!! Train your mind to think about how you can better spend your free time. Giving up the Netflix TV series, the countless hours on Facebook will become much easier. The most effective way I found is to schedule your whole week ahead of time. Add in your priorities first then anything extra where it fits in.

Leave me a comment on what distractions you need to cut out!

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